My reviews may not be the most professional or articulate that you will read but they’re what I write what I think and feel about the book at the time.

I am always curious about what readers are looking for when they read reviews. What do readers really want to know before reading a book? Are readers looking to know something in particular? 

Feel free to comment or drop me a line and let me know what you’d like to see in reviews. 

As for rating systems, here’s how mine works: I rate books with a star system according to how compelling I found the book to be, how much it drew me in, whether it kept me completely absorbed. If a book has five stars it means that I couldn’t put the book down, that I just wanted to keep on reading page after page. Also, starting now, I’m going to rate the level of erotica in books (as I recently met a reader who always checked Amazon pages to see what level of erotica a book is before she bought it). If you have suggestions on how to rate the level of erotica in books I’m willing to listen as I’m still contemplating how I’m going to go about it.








Tess of the Road by Rachel Hartman *****

Year One by Nora Roberts ***** (This is one of my favourite books of 2017! If I could give it a billion stars – I would!)

Sun Warrior by P.C. Cast  *****


The Krinar Chronicles: Krinar Diplomacy by Josie Litton *****

The Krinar Chronicles: Krinar’s Desire by Cara Bristol *****

The Krinar Chronicles: Number 101 by Heather Knight *****

The Krinar Chronicles: The Krinar’s Bane by May Sage *****

The Krinar Chronicles: The Krinar Experiment by Charmaine Pauls *****

The Krinar Chronicles: Vair: Beyond the X-Club by Hettie Ivers *****


Crazy Bitch by Jamie Begley (Book 5 of The Biker Bitches)  *****


Alpha’s Temptation by Renee Rose and Lee Savino ****

Alpha’s Prize by Renee Rose and Lee Savino  ****

Animal Instincts (Book 1 of the Kindred series) by Patricia Rosemoor *****

Archangel’s Viper by Nalini Singh *****

Dark Legacy by Christine Feehan *****

Dark and OtherWorldly (Bundle) by Anna Zaires *****

Dragonsworn by Sherrilyn Kenyon *****

Falling for His Mate by Katie Reus***** – a great novella length PNR read

Grigori by Lauren Smith ***

Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh*****

Mysterious Stranger by Patricia Rosemoor *****

Never Cry Wolf by Patricia Rosemoor *****

Rescued by the Wolf by Sasha Summers *****


Bad Princess by Julianna Keyes ****

Cherish Hard by Nalini Singh *****

Devil’s Cut by J.R.Ward  *****

From this Moment by Melanie Harlow *****

Worth the Wait by Lori Foster *****


At Your Service by Lexi Blake (Topped bk. 4) *****

Going Dark by Monica McCarty*****

Hard Run by Sheryl Nantus ***

Royally Ruined by Nora Flite *****

Silent Threat by Dana Marton ****

Turbulent Intrigue ****


Secrets In Death by J.D.Robb  ***


Beyond The Lights by Casey Peeler  ***

Church Bells by Jennifer Rebecca  ****


Paper Princess by Erin Watt *****

Trust by Kylie Scott *****