What book makes me happy?

It’s Day 5 of the 30 Day Book Challenge and today’s prompt is a book that makes me happy.

The question is both easy and difficult. Do I have a favourite book? Yes, it’s Kiss of Snow, by Nalini Singh, which you’ll have learned if you read yesterday’s post which also contained an interview with the wonderful NYT and USA Today bestselling author, Chantal Fernando.

Does reading this book make me happy? Yes, it does. But reading itself makes me happy. It takes me on a journey both inside of myself and outside of myself.

I experience the gamut of the characters feelings and not all of them are happy, but reading itself, sharing the journey with the characters, that makes me ecstatically happy.

But, can I pick a specific book, out of all that I have read, that makes me happy? It’s hard to say. What I can say though is that if I had to pick a book that would make me happy, it would be any new released book by one of my favourite authors.

Every time a new book by one of my favourites is released or any time that I hear that an author I love is going to be releasing a new book, I get overwhelmingly excited (I’ve been known to squeal!) and when the book comes out and I have it in my hands, either in paperback or ebook format (I read both), I’m immediately happy.

I’m happy to hold that book by one of the authors I love in my hands because, not only is it from one of my favourites, a continuing journey in a series, or a beginning of a brand new adventure, but because I know the caliber of their work and I know how very hard the author has worked to get that story into my hands and I respect that.

I’m also happy when I read a book by a new to me author and I’m doubly happy if I learn that the author I’ve found has an extensive backlist of books because that means more, sometimes many more hours of joyful reading.

And now, though I hate to cut things short, I’m bone tired and I need to crash.

Until tomorrow,

Hugs and Happy Reading

From Rhianna of Bingeworthy Book Blog

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