30 Day Book Challenge

Day 1 of 30 Day Book Challenge

As I mentioned in my previous post, to kick my own butt into gear and be more active on my blog which I had been neglecting dreadfully in favor of my social media sites, I’ve decided to participate in a 30 Day Book Challenge.

That doesn’t mean that I’ll only be writing posts about the Book Challenge. Be sure to check in regularly because I do have some interesting things in the works.

As for the first question in the challenge. It’s a hard one. In any given year, I read so many, many great books. Books that stay with me long after I turn the last page.

For this question though: What’s the Best Book of 2018? I think I have to go with the book that I found myself thinking of again and again throughout the year. A book that I wanted to pick up and re-read numerous times. One that I wanted to dive into completely and submerge myself in the lives of the characters, learning more and more about them.

For me, that book was Judgment Road by Christine Feehan.

My pick for Best Book of 2018.

Judgment Road by Christine Feehan, is the first book in the Torpedo Ink series and is a spin-off from two of her previous series: The Drake Sisters and Sisters of the Heart series. As a spin-off from two of her previous series, reading the first book in the Torpedo Ink series means that you catch cameo appearances of characters from her previous books and I absolutely love it.

If you haven’t heard of this book before or read any of Christine Feehan’s work before. You may have already guessed from the cover above, but Judgment Road is a MC Romance, which just happens to be one of my favourite sub-genres.

Can you imagine what my reaction was when I first learned that one of my all time favourite authors was going to be writing a series in one of my most beloved sub-genres? I assure you, much squealing and jumping about ensued.

On the odd chance that you haven’t read any of Christine Feehan’s work before, but want to try her books, I do urge you to read her series books from the beginning (mainly because reading books out of order drives me crazy!), but you don’t necessarily have to read her books in order because she writes standalone series books (meaning that the couple in the book get their own HEA at the end of the story).

My View on the Book:

Judgment Road features Reaper, a character that readers first met in Bound Together, the last book in the Sisters of the Heart series and Anya, a newcomer to the area and one of the current bartenders for Torpedo Ink’s biker bar.

This book has a dark and edgy feel, with themes of child abuse and slavery that may be triggers for some. With that said though, this book, more than any other that Christine Feehan has yet written stayed with me for the longest time and even now, there are moments when I want to pick up the book and read it again.

Reaper and Anya’s journey together is absolutely gut wrenching. It will tug at your heart and you’ll find yourself ugly crying more than once (or at least I did.)

This story is beautiful, edgy and intense, with moments of such heart and heartbreak that it will take your breath away.

When I write teasers, I usually pick scenes that struck a strong chord in me or hit me in the guts and the feels. This scene from Judgment Road did both for me.

I can’t recommend reading this story highly enough. It absolutely blew me away when I first read it and every time that I have picked it up since. It’s affected me exactly the same. The characters in this series are people that I find myself thinking of quite often and I can’t wait to learn more about them and go on their own journey to their HEA with them. Speaking of the other characters in the series: Steel and Breezy’s story (Vengeance Road) came out in January this year. Though not as dark and edgy or angsty as Judgment Road, Vengeance Road is a really great read. From first page to last I was thoroughly absorbed in the story and didn’t even put it down to eat dinner, I just wanted to gorge on the book and stay completely immersed in the story.

Christine Feehan has a knack for drawing me into her worlds and making me want to live there. I adore going on each character’s journey with them as they find their way towards their HEA.

Admittedly, I have noticed, as others who are familiar with Christine Feehan’s work may be aware, in recent books the content and situations that the characters face, the themes that readers are confronted with have become darker and more edgier. In Christine Feehan’s earlier works dark themes such as child abuse, slavery and torture may have been touched on, or readers were aware that these things had happened to the characters, but we didn’t experience it with the characters. In Christine Feehan’s more recent works, readers are given are more vivid and confronting idea of what the characters have been through or experience the situation alongside the main character.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love and adore Christine Feehan’s work and will continue to do so, more than likely for the rest of my life. She’s one of my author idol’s and graces the top of my wish list of authors to meet. I’m not saying that I’m not loving the change in darker, more confronting themes and situations. In fact. the recent books that she has released in her various series have been among some of my favourites that she has ever written.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is that I’ve noticed that there has been a shift or change in the content and that I wanted other readers to be aware because some of the situations in the books could be triggers for some readers.

Well, that’s it from me tonight, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my thoughts on my best book of 2018. Feel free to message me or comment and let me know what your best book of 2018 was. I’d love to hear..

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