Wow! I blinked and it’s October! Keep Reading for a Surprise at the End!

For those of you who follow on my ‘official’ blog site, I apologize for not posting in quite a while. That’s set to change, though.

While I’ve been posting regularly on my other social media platform sites: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I haven’t posted anything on here since the beginning of the year and here’s why: I’ve taken some time to change the blog around a bit to suit my tastes a bit better and in between working on my own writing, travelling to book signings and meeting new friends and caring for my very ill father, I’ve thought long and hard about what I want from this blog and for this blog, the hopes and goals I have for it and the content that I want to share.

I won’t get into much detail on that as yet, but if I can make what I want happen, believe me, you’ll be the first to know.

As far as content and posting is concerned: if you’re a follower who’s been with the site since the beginning, you’ll notice that a couple of pages have been added: you’ll see that there’s now a Children’s Books section (where my son and my nieces can safely with my supervision and permission post reviews of books and other products that they love, because books aren’t just for adults and children should be able to say what they like or don’t like about them as well – there may or may not be a YouTube channel coming as well – still debating on the pros and cons of that) and you’ll also see that there’s a She Writes section as well – this is the page where I’ll post what I’m currently working on – what stage it’s at and maybe share a snippet or two. This is also the page where I’ll most likely share sites where I’ve found good information for aspiring authors/writers.

As far as how frequently I post on my ‘official’ site, I’m going to leave that up to my followers: How frequently would you like to hear from me? 

I’m going to aim for once a week – updating followers on what’s going on in my life, sharing my latest review(s) and what I’m currently reading and definitely letting readers know what books I’m most looking forward to reading.

So, what have I been reading? Well, at the beginning of September, Dark Sentinel released, so of course, I had to read that immediately and I absolutely adored the heroine of the book. You can read my review of it here:

Dark Sentinel (5 Stars) by Christine Feehan

Dark Sentinel (Dark #28)

Then because I was having Christine Feehan withdrawals and just wanted to dive back into one of her worlds, I almost re-read Judgment Road but reminded myself sternly that I wanted to save re-reading that book again until just before the release of her second book in the Torpedo Ink Series, Vengeance Road releases on January 29, 2019. So instead, I re-read Power Game and Covert Game.

Power Game (GhostWalkers, #13)    Power Game (5 Stars) by Christine Feehan

Covert Game by Christine Feehan Covert Game (5 Stars) by Christine Feehan


I love Power Game, but Covert Game, it slays me, every time. It’s so dark, so gritty and angsty, but I love it. I think it’s perhaps one of my new favorites in the Ghostwalker series. After reading them, though, you know what I wanted right? All I wanted was to read the next Ghostwalker book in the series: Toxic Game, which releases 12 March 2019.

I know, it seems like that’s such a long way away, but seriously, soon enough it’ll feel like we’ve blinked and the book has already released. Really, I feel as though this year is passing way too quickly.

After reading and working through my angst over Christine Feehan’s books and the wait for releases (which I applaud her for! Damn, but that woman is one hard worker!) and I read Cross Breed by Lora Leigh and Fall by Kristen Callihan.

Cross Breed by Lora Leigh I love this cover so much!

Cross Breed (Five Stars) by Lora Leigh

Fall by Kristen Callihan Seriously, if you haven’t pre-ordered this book, do so. It is so much more than what I expected and if you liked the first two books in the series, then you’ll adore the third.

Fall (Five Stars) by Kristen Callihan

As for what I’m currently reading:

Wind Rider (Tales of a New World, #3)

It’s such a gorgeous cover, isn’t it?

Wind Rider is the third book in the Tales of A New World series by P.C. Cast. I started this book a few days ago when I was lucky enough to receive a copy from PanMacmillan Australia and I’m absolutely loving it.

Next up for review on the blog will be:

The Witch Who Courted Death

I was overjoyed to receive a copy of this book from Hachette Australia. I haven’t read any of Maria Lewis’s previous works but I’m always eager to read a book by a new to me author.

The cover is gorgeous, dark and suspenseful and the book sounds brilliant.

Here’s the blurb, if you’re interested:

Considering her status as the world’s most powerful medium, Casper von Klitzing and her twin brother Baristan have lived a pretty normal life – until now.

After a horrific incident in her home city of Berlin, orchestrated by mysterious Oct, Casper is consumed with vengeance towards an enemy she doesn’t understand. But the only other person ever to escape Oct was a witch – and so Casper is soon on her trail. But this witch does not want to be found.

Diving headfirst into the supernaturally secretive world of spells, charms and covens, it’s not long before Casper is crossing more than just the line between the living and the dead…

Oooh, it sounds so good, right? Here’s a couple pre-order links if you’re interested:

Amazon Au:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

I think that’s enough from me until next time, but there’s just one more thing that I want to share:

Monthly Giveaways!

That’s right.

Monthly Giveaways

Open internationally!

This month’s Giveaway is a 1001 Dark Nights Sparkler bag with a Lexi Blake book (unsigned), a bundle of swag both signed and unsigned and a surprise, because I love surprises.

To enter, all you have to do is follow me on this blog and one of my other sites: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, share my ‘official’ blog – this one!  Follow Lexi Blake on at least one social media site: your choice and  lastly, comment on this post, answering the question that I asked above.

Giveaway will be drawn and winner notified at the end of the month! Don’t forget to let me know what platforms you’re following me on and answer the question!

Thanks, until next time,

Much love, 

Rhianna of Bingeworthy Book Blog

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