The Krinar Kindle World has arrived: Take a look at the books and author interviews


The Krinar Chronicles by Anna Zaires are among some of my most beloved sci-fi romance books to read and I was absolutely thrilled to learn that the Krinar – the alien race created by Anna Zaires were getting their own Kindle World and even more thrilled to be given the opportunity to read and review the books before they went live.

For your enjoyment, this post includes the blurbs for the books, buy links, links to my reviews and interviews with a number of the authors.

It all begins with Mia and Korum


Dark Passion. Betrayal. Danger. Love.

Five years in the future, humans are no longer the most advanced species. Earth is ruled by the Krinar, a beautiful, mysterious race from another galaxy.

A shy and inexperienced college student, Mia Stalis has never had much interaction with the invaders—until one fateful meeting in Central Park changes everything. Having caught Korum’s eye, she must now contend with a powerful, dangerously seductive Krinar who will do anything to possess her . . . even take away her freedom.

From the skyscrapers of New York City to the alien landscapes of Krina, their epic passion will transform the world.

Note: This is the complete Krinar Chronicles trilogy, containing Close Liaisons, Close Obsession, and Close Remembrance—3 full-length novels with a combined total of 270,000 words.

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For a limited time, get three scorching hot sci-fi romances from New York Times bestseller Anna Zaires in one convenient, discounted bundle. These two novelettes and one full-length novel comprise over 500 pages of “stunningly sexy & deliciously inventive” science fiction romance!

This unique bundle contains the following books:

Swept Away: A Novelette

When Delia sees the naked man emerging from the stormy sea, she knows he must be more than human. Gorgeous and powerful, the god-like stranger saves her from certain death, but his rescue comes at a price: herself.

The Krinar Captive: A Full-Length Novel

Emily Ross never expected to survive her deadly fall in the Costa Rican jungle, and she certainly never thought she’d wake up in a strangely futuristic dwelling, held captive by the most beautiful man she’d ever seen. A man who seems to be more than human…

Zaron is on Earth to facilitate the Krinar invasion—and to forget the terrible tragedy that ripped apart his life. Yet when he finds the broken body of a human girl, everything changes. For the first time in years, he feels something more than rage and grief, and Emily is the reason for that. Letting her go would compromise his mission, but keeping her could destroy him all over again.

The X-Club: A Novelette

Amy Myers is tired of writing fluff. She wants to work on serious assignments—and what better way to prove herself than to uncover something new about the mysterious Krinar, the aliens who took over the Earth just two years earlier? But when she meets Vair, the dark and sexy owner of a Manhattan x-club, she may get more than she bargained for…

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BBB: What was your first reaction when you learned that your Krinar Chronicles would be getting their own Kindle World?

Anna: I was ecstatic and hugely honored!

BBB: The Krinar Chronicles are among some of my favourite scifi romance books and unlike any other books featuring aliens that I have read before. What was your inspiration for the Krinar Chronicles?

Anna: Honestly, all the thousands of romance novels I’ve read in my life, plus all the sci-fi and paranormal books/movies I’m into. I’ve been fantasizing about the Krinar for decades before they made their appearance on paper (or tablet or phone or whatever you use :))

BBB: Will there be further books in the Krinar Chronicles or the Krinar Kindle World?

Anna: Yes, absolutely! The Krinar Kindle World is now open to submissions from all fans (you can go here to submit your story:, and I have some story ideas myself as well. 

OMFG! Excuse me, while I freak out for a moment. Open to story submissions from fans? Awesome!!!!

BBB: Can readers look forward to seeing the first human/Krinar hybrid baby in the near future?

Anna: Hehe, maybe. Let’s just say that I have some definite ideas in that regard.

BBB: What is your favourite scifi romance book/movie?

Anna: Book-wise, I love Cara Bristol’s Breeder and Stephenie Meyer’s The Host, and movie-wise, it’s probably Deep Impact. Love disaster movies for some reason :).  

BBB: What upcoming/new release book are you most looking forward to reading?

Anna: The two Krinar stories I haven’t read yet! I’m diving into them right now



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A Krinar Kindle World Story

When Drako’s space pod malfunctions over Johannesburg, his secret reconnaissance mission goes horribly wrong. Wounded in the crash, he’s captured by the South African Secret Service who sees an opportunity to strengthen their army and make a fortune by using the alien pilot in an unorthodox experiment. They send a female to tend to his injuries, a human girl with the pretty name of Ilse who’s sweet and caring. The perfume of her skin is like a drug, her blood an aphrodisiac. He can still smell her and taste her on his tongue. Her betrayal cuts deeper than the testing and torture. No matter. His escape is pending. When he comes back to Earth, it will be to find her, and when he does, he’ll show as little mercy as she did.

Nurse Ilse Gouws knows from the minute the SS brings her to their secure compound to treat a prisoner’s injuries that the man chained in the deepest and darkest of basements is not human. Neither is he the criminal they claim him to be. Under his stoic veneer are kindness and sensitivity. If she doesn’t help him, he’s going to die. To win time, she partakes in the agency’s wicked experiment, betraying not only her government, but also the man who calls himself a Krinar. The choices she makes turn her into a hunted woman, chased by a shady government and a vengeful extraterrestrial. Only one thing is sure in her uncertain future. Neither will stop until she’s dead.

These are the events that led to the Krinar Earth Invasion. This is the untold story.


BBB: What was your first reaction to being offered the chance to write a story in Anna Zaires Krinar Kindle World?

Charmaine: I was literally jumping up and down. I’m a big Krinar fan (a huge Anna fan!), and to ‘play’ in Anna’s Krinar World with hot, possessive, alien alphas was the biggest gift ever.

BBB: What is your favourite scene in The Krinar Experiment?

Charmaine: My favourite scene is the one where Ilse steals Drako’s sperm. There are many nuances in that little power exchange, leaving you as to no doubt who’ll always be in charge. Well, kind of. No spoilers!

BBB: What is your favourite sci-fi romance book or movie?

Charmaine: Aside from Anna’s Krinar Chroncles and the books of authors included in the launch I recently discovered (so many amazing new authors to read!), one of my all-time favourites is the classic Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I looove this story not only for all of its gothic and futuristic elements but also for its deeply woven emotional values.

BBB: What upcoming/new release book are you most looking forward to reading?

Charmaine: I can’t wait for Obsession Mine (by Anna Zaires). I need more Peter! As for new releases, I still haven’t read Three is a War, the last book in the Tangled Lies series by Pam Godwin, and I can’t wait to dig in.

BBB: Lastly, where do you see Drako and Ilse in the future:

Charmaine: This book was so much fun to write. I’d love to take Drako and Ilse further into the future. Who knows? One day….


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From NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Josie Litton
“Sexy, thrilling and thought-provoking!”–Goodreads
“Smart, well-written, smexy story!”–Goodreads
In an instant, he claimed her.
In a moment, both their lives changed forever.
In a time of madness, can their love survive?
When a brilliant Krinar diplomat with a well-earned reputation for ruthlessness rescues a young human female from a rampaging mob during the Great Panic that follows the arrival of the Krinar on Earth, he knows at once that she’s triggered something in him he’s never encountered before. Overwhelmed by a sense of possessiveness too powerful to be denied, Jarek surrenders to his darkest instincts and claims her as his own.
Having survived the deaths of her diplomat parents at the hands of terrorists when she was a child, Charlotte has always had to be gutsy and self-reliant. Determined to dedicate her life to working for peace, she’s willing to give the Krinar a chance to prove that they aren’t the monsters many people believe them to be. But she isn’t prepared for the overwhelming passion of her response to the alien who has claimed her. Together, they must confront both their feelings for each other and the forces that threaten to tear a world–and them–apart.
Can Jarek and Charlotte survive the pain of their own pasts amid the chaos of the present? Can they overcome all the odds and create a future together?


BBB: What was your reaction to being asked to write a story in Anna Zaire’s Krinar Kindle World?

Josie: I’m so excited about the launch of the Krinar World. When Anna invited me to participate, I was thrilled, Mia and Korum’s story is one of my all time favourites and inspired me to write my own scifi romance fantasy, ANEW

BBB: What is your favourite scene in Krinar Diplomacy?

Josie: My favourite scene in Krinar Diplomacy, besides the *ahem* hot stuff is when Charlotte and Jarek meet on the veranda for breakfast after she’s managed to navigate his instructions for getting there. I just love her attitude. She doesn’t let even a super hot alien rattle her.

BBB: What does the future hold for Jarek and Charlotte?

Josie: I see them becoming a couple with her as a charl for a few years before, in the aftermath of Mia and Korum’s marriage, they wed.

BBB: What is your favorite scifi romance book/movie?

Josie: My favorite scifi romance is the Krinar Chronicles, hands down. Now I’m having the pleasure of discovering the books written by my fellow Krinar World Authors. What a treat!

BBB: What upcoming/new release book are you most looking forward to reading?

Josie: I’m most looking forward to Anna’s ‘Obsession Mine’ coming in Nov. I’m also a huge fan of her ‘Twist Me’ series.


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What happens in an exclusive alien sex club stays in an alien sex club, right?

Well… not when you pen an exposé on said alien sex club—carefully omitting the fact that the experiences detailed therein are yours rather than based on the firsthand accounts of nameless interviewees, as your article claims.

And not when the alien club owner you had the wildest night of your life with shows up bearing video footage of your most intimate moments together that refute this.

Amy has two choices: Be exposed as a fraud just as her journalism career is taking off, or agree to Vair’s wicked blackmail terms in exchange for his silence and protection from Krinar authorities.

For a young journalist on a mission to prove her worth, it was always about landing the next big story. Until it became all about playing sex games with a possessive extraterrestrial.

Vair: Beyond the X-Club is a short novel (45K words) set in the world created by Anna Zaires in her Krinar Chronicles, featuring characters introduced in her novelette/short story, The X-Club. The distribution of this work is made possible by special license through the Kindle Worlds publishing program.


BBB: When offered the chance to write a story in Anna Zaires Krinar Kindle World what was your first reaction?

Hettie: I had a beyond-thrilled, total fangirl reaction, of course! Anna’s Krinar world was the first alien sci-fi romance/erotica series I ever read, and it is still my favorite. I also love the concept of fanfiction, so I was super excited that fans of Anna’s Krinar Chronicles would be able to share and honor the series in that way. 

BBB: Why did you decide to write about Vair and Amy?

Hettie: There was no question that I wanted to write about Amy and Vair as soon as Anna presented the opportunity and confirmed that she had no plans to continue their story line. I always felt that her novelette, The X-Club, was too good not to be finished.  And to me, one of the fun challenges of writing fanfiction is taking supporting or lesser-known characters from a popular series and fleshing them out based on the limited clues and background details that the original author provided. I spent a lot of time dissecting every word of that novelette, and although The X-Club is a fairly quick read, Anna really did a remarkable job of packing in some great building blocks for all characters involved. I also loved that she gave Amy a bisexual best friend in Jay, as that is not seen often enough. And I felt like the chemistry between Amy and Jay in her novelette was as solid and as important to the story as the chemistry between Amy and Vair.

BBB: What was your favourite scene in Vair?

Hettie: That’s a tough question, as I had a fun time writing so many scenes in Vair, and for different reasons. I don’t know if I’d call it my favorite scene, but the scene where Amy wakes up at Vair’s penthouse and freaks out a bit was for me the most personally amusing to write. I’ve been happily married for over a decade now, but I am at heart very much a commitment-phobe, and oh, my gosh, the excuses I used to make to avoid spending the night at a boyfriend’s place in my early twenties were endless. And God forbid I ever did end up staying over, I would awake with a gripping sense of panic and a single-minded determination to get the hell out as quickly as possible. So that scene and the one where Amy is naked and shackled to an animated glass wall in the basement of Vair’s x-club were the most true-to-life for me.

BBB: Where do you see Vair and Amy in the future? What do you think life has in store for them?

Hettie: A lot of kinky sex, endless awkward dinners and phone conversations with Amy’s parents, and ultimately, a life on Krina complete with a sustainable white picket fence and two kids—once Ellet figures out how to make babies happen between Ks and humans.

BBB: And, lastly, what upcoming or new release book are you most looking forward to reading?

Hettie: Without question, Obsession Mine, the much-anticipated follow-up to Anna Zaires’s Tormentor Mine. Peter is my favorite of all of Anna’s leading men. Redeeming oneself as a romantic lead after kitchen-waterboarding a woman and offing her vegetable husband is no small feat. I love that Anna went there with this story line and with Peter, and I’m so excited to see where she takes things next.  


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When firefighter Conway Smith enters Cloud Bar in Las Cruces, New Mexico, he has only one thing on his mind—revenge against the aliens who let his mother die, despite having promised her immortality. One look at Resistance fighter Venus Cloud, though, and all he can think about is the magic they will make together back in his hotel room.

Venus has been raised in the Resistance, and she’s tasked with seducing Conway and learning all his secrets. He has something to offer the hardened warriors trying to free Earth from the invaders—a stolen nanocyte serum that will make one human effectively immortal.

The local cell wants Conway in their group, not leading it, and devises a brutal operation to get what they want. If Venus finds herself more in love with Conway than respectful of her ruthless father’s plans, she’ll have to go on the run to save his life.

Sex, lies, and a road trip from hell. Venus may have to turn to her enemy Krinar to save her lover’s life.


BBB: What was your reaction to being offered the chance to write a story in Anna Zaire’s Krinar Kindle World? 

Heather: I was asked to write a story in this world by an Amazon editor. I was very flattered that someone at Amazon would think of me! I had not read the Krinar stories before, but quickly blew through all of the novels and was so impressed by the world building and action.

BBB: Krinar’s Revenge is about a couple that meet in the Resistance, what drew you to write about the Resistance?

Heather: I wanted to go somewhere new with my story. I didn’t think I could add anything new to Anna’s amazing Krinar, but I felt like there was more to be said about the human experience. I also really liked her action scenes so I wanted a story with my own.

BBB: What was your favourite scene in Krinar’s Revenge?

Heather: I liked my scenes in Zacatecas City. This was a new location for me as I’ve never been in this part of Mexico, and I really felt the emotions of my star-crossed lovers in this part of the story.

BBB: What is your favourite scifi romance book/movie?

Heather: I love author Connie Willis. My favourite book by her is Doomsday Book, about time travelling to the medieval plague years in England. It made me cry, even in follow up reads. The characters are so well-drawn that they feel real.

BBB: Where do you see the characters in the future?

Heather: I don’t think humanity can beat back the Krinar; they are too far ahead in every way. So I don’t see my story as a set up to send the Ks back to where they came from. But I would like my own species to have more ability to negotiate and some control over their own destiny.

BBB: What upcoming/new release book are you most looking forward to reading?

Heather: All the Krinar novellas I haven’t read yet! I will say May Sage and Josie Litton, just because they are next on my Kindle. I’m about a third of the way through the stories so far and loving them all.


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When 20-year-old Eden Waller sneaks into a college bar, she’s after one thing: a kiss from the hottest guy in the place. Operation Smooch is number 38 on her bucket list, and she’s hell-bent on success. She doesn’t realize that her drool-worthy prospect is a young Krinar male, the same guy who solved a centuries-old puzzle and ruined her father’s career. Eden resents the Krinar invaders for their superior beauty, technology, and intellect, as no human could possibly compete.

25-year-old Darak came to this planet for one reason and one reason only: to get as much Earth-girl sex as he can in the six months he’s been given before returning home to start a real job. He doesn’t count on the instant connection with a young human girl who is so unique and full of life that he questions everything he believes about duty to his family and culture.

Inexorably drawn to each other, Eden’s and Darak’s passion cannot be constrained by the laws of man or nature. But each holds secrets that could tear them apart forever. Will their love continue to blossom, or will it wither and die?


BBB: What was your first reaction to being offered the chance to write a story in Anna Zaires Krinar Kindle World? 

HK:  My reaction: (1) <stares at screen, reading and re-reading email>  Anna must mean some other Heather Knight. (2) <googles “Heather Knight” and discovers famous soccer player> Did she actually read my books?  Surely not.  (3)  <hunts up Amazon reviews and finds several nice ones from “Anna Z”. Tingly wild thrill nearly releases hair from follicles> OMG! Anna Zaires read my books and she liked them!  (4)  <Calls Bestie>  Holy Crap! Guess who wants me to write in her world!!!!  (5) <crippled by imposter syndrome, curls into near fetal position > I can’t do this!  I suuuuuuck! (6)  <toes scrunch to near rigor-mortis state>  This is SO COOL!!!!!

BBB: What was your favourite scene in 38/101?

HK: I have to say it is the scene in Eden’s bedroom when Darak put the stars app on her phone.  That was the moment she fully grasped how thoughtful Darak was; then later in the evening when they were snuggling, and she knew she should make him go, but couldn’t.  Just one more night.  That chapter was about discovery and loss, like brushing against bliss and knowing you can’t have it.  There were other scenes I liked, but there is nothing like that wonderful, terrible moment when you realize you’re in love.

BBB: What does the future hold in store for Eden and Darak?

HK: In the first couple years, Eden and Darak travel the U.S. and Canada in their all-terrain RV, stopping along the way to do whatever they dang well please.  While Darak is not enthusiastic about the three-feet of snow they encounter in the Rockies, he is all over a frozen waterfall they discover in Grand Teton, and the two acquire a love for ice climbing.  They make their money from their YouTube Channel and gain many followers over the years.  They spearhead an entire movement, leading thousands of young people (and older ones, too) to understand that life does NOT have to involve bending the knee to middle management, and soon the parks and highways are teaming with vans and RV’s (loaded with sophisticated, comfortable Krinar technology) and bearing the slogan “Life is a About the Journey.”   

When they do reach Mexico, they are interviewed on an internationally-syndicated show, and by the time they reach Buenes Aires, they are inter-globally famous.  Their endorsements with North Face and Action Mobil have left them quite comfortable, financially, and winning the Nobel Prize for Peace (for doing more to bridge the cultural gap between humans and Krinar than any other entity, public or private) certainly doesn’t hurt them. Eden and Darak have yet to take on Europe, Asia, or Africa, setting their sights instead on Antarctica as they next conquest. Eden and Darak are the proud parents of a runny nosed Bengal (Mr. Schnuffles) and his cross-eyed sister (Ed). Eden’s bewildered parents are happy for them both.

 BBB: This story is one of the most emotional sci-fi romance books that I have ever read – where did you draw your inspiration from? 

HK: I think people relate to the emotion in my books because they have all felt something like it, at one point or another.  Life is messy, and sometimes it is exquisitely painful; why should I pull punches in my stories?  At the same time, though, it can be unbearably thrilling, and I didn’t want to downplay that part either. Prior to writing this particular story, I’d been watching a bunch of van-dweller YouTube videos, and I thought it would be neat to write about the type of person who might be attracted to that kind of lifestyle.  Adventurers! Thrill seekers!  These would be people who couldn’t imagine living any other way.

BBB: What is your favourite sci-fi romance book/movie?

HK: That’s a hard one.  First of all, I don’t consider dystopian to be sci-fi (although it is speculative fiction, and I have several stories I adore in that genre).  For some reason, I read a lot of sci-fi that falls in the YA-category.  I LOVED the first installment of “The Fifth Wave” because of the romance between Cassie and Evan, but I won’t go into spoilers on that.  Suffice it to say, boooo!   I also loved the movie, “The Adjustment Bureau” because #Justin Timberlake and its Bonnie & Clyde feel.  One of my all-time favorite sci-ci favorites has to be Robin McKinley’s “Sunshine,” however.  It is a beautifully written story about a love that can never truly be, and two characters who can’t help feeling, anyway.  As far as straight romances, I’ve been digging Anna Zaires’ books since the first one released, and I am looking forward to discovering new romances that take place in a sci-fi setting.  I am a sucker for time-travel (both forward and backward in time), so I’m hoping to discover some good ones. 

BBB: What upcoming/new release book are you most looking forward to reading?

HK:  In the immediate future:

Stephen King’s “Sleeping Beauties”

Jane Stane’s “Time of the Picts”

Anna Zaires’ “Obsession Mine”


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Pretending she works for the mayor’s office, investigative journalist Caitlyn Meadows goes undercover at a K company intending to expose the Krinar and show the world the dark side of the powerful, mesmerizing aliens who have invaded Earth.

Arak, a Krinar, prefers to avoid the weak, technologically backward humans, but the moment he meets Caitlyn, he wants her. Getting her to submit to his dark desires consumes him, and he sets out to seduce her.

Falling under Arak’s spell, Caitlyn begins to doubt her beliefs and her mission. She doesn’t know whom to trust—her colleagues at Viral News who warn she’s becoming too close to a dangerous alien—or her own heart that urges her to get even closer by becoming Arak’s mate.

Making the wrong choice could mean her life…

A Kindle Worlds romance based on the Krinar Chronicles by Anna Zaires


BBB: What was your first reaction to being offered the chance to write a story in the Krinar Kindle World?

Cara: I was thrilled to be asked to write for the Krinar Kindle World series because I love the Krinar Chronicles. It’s one of my favourite scifi romance series.

BBB: What is your favourite scene in Krinar’s Desire?

Cara: My favourite scene is the opening one, when the reader knows that Caitlyn is videotaping everything she sees but SHE doesn’t know that Arak is aware of what she is doing. 

BBB: What is your favourite scifi romance book/movie?

Cara: My favourite scifi movie is Passengers. It felt so realistic. I found it to be a great metaphor for life. 

BBB: Where do you see Caitlyn and Arak in the future?

Cara: I can see another book with Krinar’s Desire when Arak and Caitlyn go onto Krina.

BBB: What upcoming/new release book are you most looking forward to reading?

Cara: First off, I bought all the books that other authors of the Krinar Kindle World wrote and I’m looking forward to reading them. I’m also reading Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2. It’s an anthology of 12 scfi romances, each with a pet sidekick. I’m reading my fellow co-authors stories (I have a cyborg romance in that one.)


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People say Eva’s a little ditzy, when they want to be nice. Truth is, she’s a magnet for trouble and she wouldn’t know what caution looks like if she bumped into it.
But even she knows the delicious hunk she meets at the club is dangerous; he might have saved her once, but he could as easily destroy her and no one could do a thing about it. His kind is above reproach, above the laws, above humanity.
She should stay away.
She won’t.

After thousands upon thousands of years, seeing empires rise and fall, Zarken is indifferent to everything, and entirely focused on his work.
Until her.



When Ralen, a Krinar Guardian, is tasked with guarding Jessie Lin from the Resistance, protection turns into obsession, and he continues to watch her long after the assignment ends.

Nothing will stop him from taking Jessie for his own—not the risk of being expelled from the Guardians, not Jessie’s very human boyfriend, Edgar, and not even Jessie herself.

Once Jessie takes the step to deepen her relationship with Edgar by introducing him to her extremely traditional Chinese-American parents, Ralen crosses the line and claims her for his own.

Will Jessie forgive the unforgivable? Can love grow from obsession?


BBB: What was your first reaction when you were offered the chance to write a story in Anna Zaires Krinar Kindle World?

Melody: I was both surprised and thrilled

BBB: What drew you to write about Jessie and Ralen?

Melody: Jessie piqued my interest in The Krinar Chronicles and I decided she needed a K of her own. 

BBB: What is your favourite scifi romance book/movie?

Melody: I don’t have a lot of exposure to sci-fi books except for The Krinar Chronicles. As for movies, I love Star Trek, both old and new.

BBB: What upcoming/new release book are you most looking forward to reading?

Melody: I’m looking forward to reading all of the books in the Krinar Kindle World.

BBB: Is there anything you can tell us about Krina’s Obsession or the future of the couple?

Melody: All I can say is that Jessie and Ralen take you on a wild ride but there is an awesome HEA in the end.

Until next time, 

Happy Reading, Friends.






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  1. This is so awesome! I loved reading everyone’s answers to your interview questions. I definitely learned something about each author that I hadn’t known before, which was such a kick. 🙂 Thank you so much for doing this, Rhianna! What a wonderful tribute to the Krinar Chronicles and the Krinar Kindle Worlds launch.


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